Our History

Artisan tradition, passion, quality and elegance since 1964

The story behind the Ambra Cavallini shoe factory

From the origins to the present day

Tuscany, January 1964. In Santa Maria a Monte, in the province of Pisa, in the heart of the Tuscan Leather District, from an idea of Giuliano Cavallini and his partners, the shoe factory Ambra Cavallini.

Driven from the very beginning by values such as quality, reliability and reliability, through its constant commitment that is reflected in its craftsmanship and the use of the finest quality materials, the Ambra Cavallini shoe factory makes, creates and finishes some of the most stunning footwear for the world’s most important fashion and luxury brands.

Over the years, he Ambra Cavallini shoe factory has positioned itself as one of the main benchmarks for Made in Italy women’s footwear.From a small provincial business, it has grown into a solid company with over 30 employees that each season sees its shoes paraded on the most important fashion catwalks in New York, Paris and Milan for the world’s leading brands.

Throughout its history, production has gone through periods of economic, creative, management and expansion crises, but the close bond of the Cavallini family and their strong ties to everything the company stands for have succeeded at every turn in reviving what is now a great and solid world-renowned company, keeping it alive and always poised for change.

It is a fast-moving company,which follows the pace and evolution of women over the decades, setting the tone for female style, each time focusing on the need for expression through an object as historically important as the shoe. Throughout the generations, it stays abreast of and anticipates the language of fashion,with every step to express a modern, enterprising woman in step with the times.

Cavallini’s values

Since its foundation, the family tradition of the Ambra Cavallini shoe factory has undoubtedly been based on the manual skills and sensitivity of its craftsmen.

Drawing on the experience they have gained over the years, their care in handling raw materials and their invaluable desire to succeed, for over 60 years our craftsmen have been creating footwear of all kinds every day, embodying in them the unique quality of products Made in Italy.

Another core value of the Ambra Cavallini shoe factory and its Brand is undoubtedly its creativity and flair in researching and creating models.

Inspirations come from the street, from the movements that surround us all, and placing vital importance on listening to women’s needs.

nspirations come from the street, from the movements that surround us all, and placing vital importance on listening to women’s needs. At Cavallini, we understand that women need to be comfortable at all times of the day. Whether at work, in her free time or on a special occasion, our footwear meets every woman’s need for comfort, making her feel at ease in every situation.

Comfort goes hand in hand with elegance and we understand how important it is for a woman to wear unique, special designs that leave her free to be herself on any occasion.


When everything was about to stop because of the pandemic, our shoe factory had a real revolution, especially in the mental aspect.

Everything was grinding to a halt, but we didn’t want our message to stop.

This need, the continuous evolution and the desire to take this reality to a new level that catalyzes all the principles, values, and feelings of the shoe factory, has given birth to a Brand that expresses our craftsmanship in a more direct and close way to women.

That’s how the Cavallini brand was born in 2020.

It is a brand that makes unique footwear designed and handmade by expert craftsmen, distributed directly through online shops and showrooms.

All of this is aimed at giving voice to our idea of a woman who is firm and enterprising, refined and elegant.

Team and craftsmen

We are proud to present our team and our craftsmen who embody our values day by day:

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