Ambra Cavallini Pontedera

We support our local area!

Cavallini for sport

The Ambra Cavallini company has been closely linked to its surrounding area since the early days of its foundation. 2012This is why, in 2012, it decided to make a social commitment by sponsoring the Ambra Cavallini Pontedera women’s volleyball team of the same name. Thanks to the company’s commitment and support, in fact, the Pontedera sports centre is able to offer amateurs and competitive players of all ages the opportunity to play, grow and train in the world of women’s volleyball, from mini-volleyball to the first team.

The team

The Ambra Cavallini Pontedera volleyball team is among the most emblazoned in the Italian B2 volleyball league. Captained by coach Alessandro Puccini and under the direction of the Cavallini family, the first team has big dreams and ambitions to play in the women’s A league. A result that is not impossible given the great dedication and professionalism of the instructors of the minor categories who train constantly growing talents .