Cavallini Brand

In step with women since 1964

A Brand for Women

How the Brand came into being

From the need to give voice to our ideal of women and with the aim of fully expressing the Tuscan craft tradition in a more direct and close way to women, the brand Cavallini was born in 2020, the proprietary line of the eponymous Ambra Cavallini shoe factory.

There are three main distribution lines for the brand:

Cavallini Boutique

The first is related to the area where the footwear is produced, it is the Cavallini Boutique in Santa Maria a Monte in the province of Pisa.

Cavallini Shop Online

The second distribution line is related to the online shop, which can be reached at, and visibility on social media.

Cavallini Dealers

The third distribution line is under development and will be through a selection of shops chosen to promote the Cavallini collection.

The brand’s mission is to provide top quality footwear at affordable prices that reflect the ideal of an elegant and refined woman who never compromises on comfort.

oday, therefore, Cavallini is a rapidly expanding brand that, after only two years, has managed to satisfy thousands of customers thanks to the design, quality and comfort of its models, gaining the attention of the leading publications in the sector. delle più importanti testate editoriali del settore.

The pillar of the brand

The Cavallini Woman

The inspiration and pillar of the brand is definitely the Cavallini Woman, the ideal woman to whom every seasonal collection is dedicated.

The Cavallini Woman is a confident and enterprising woman. She is refined and elegant, never compromises on comfort and convenience and a woman who never gives up her style.

This inspiration translates into a collection that is fresh, feminine, determined and full of character.

100% handcrafted

Cavallini shoes

Decades of experience in making high-end women’s footwear, analyzing and listening to women’s needs and seeking comfort combined with elegance are the foundations of Cavallini’s collections.

Produced in the shoe factory of the same name, Cavallini shoes stand out for their design, quality of materials, craftsmanship and wearability.

The collection is wide and varied, ranging from boots and ankle boots in the winter collections to sandals and mules in the summer collections, as well as trainers and the more classic court shoes.

The collection is rounded off by shoes embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals that make them authentic pieces of jewellery.

The materials used are natural and of the highest quality, all complying with REA CE regulations and therefore free of harmful substances. The hides, the materials most used to produce the shoes, are from bovine, sheep and goats and come directly from the most renowned Italian tanneries in the world.

All production steps are carried out by hand with the aid of specific machinery. The experience, care and keen eye of our craftsmen during these processes are certainly the added value of Cavallini footwear.

Here are a few models

Of the Cavallini collection

The pillar of the brand

Boutique and online Shop

TheCavallini Boutique n Santa Maria a Monte in the province of Pisa is a friendly and relaxing space entirely dedicated to women, where customers can touch the quality of the materials and admire the craftsmanship of all models in the Cavallini collections. It is the physical and local point of contact between the shoe factory of the same name where the shoes are produced and distributed.

The second point of contact with the brand is the online shop, which can be reached atcavallini.shopThis digital shop is open to the Italian market and beyond, and fully embodies the brand’s values and tradition. The catalogue of the collections is always up-to-date, while customers can always count on prompt, friendly assistance. The free return and size exchange services complete a unique shopping experience.


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